A little overdue , here’s a few pics from our table at London Super Comic Con . This was the first year for London Super Comic Con and have to say the organisers did a great job in making it memorable. An amazing lineup of artists and writers made for a fantastic weekend made even better by the presence of the great Stan Lee. It’s rare for a comics show to purely concentrate on comics and this was a refreshing move.

so without further ado…

Our table of Afroella wares , buy buy buy, sell sell sell!

The tentacular multi tentacle Crackenhol monster was the theme of the day with cutouts , badges and plush tentacle.

pretty soon the tentacle had developed a mind of its own [good for him there was plenty of reading material around ;) ] 

Never let it be said that Gem doesn’t know how to pose …

Though by Sunday,  tiredness had started to kick in and coffee was in order , luckily Gemma perfected the art of still looking awesome while asleep on her feet so Lee could make the run….

One fail in that plan is Lee could only do the same with support…

and is prone to Crakenhol night terrors!!!

We had a fantastic time, made plenty of sales and gained some great feedback from new and old faces alike. Apart from the militant Excel security staff who took a sadistic glee in their job come kicking out time, we had a very warm welcome for Afroella and we can’t wait for next year. See y’all there :) 

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